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Since more than 10 years EVG production wafer bonding tools (EVG800 Series) are exclusively used to produce SOI wafers through fusion bonding. Latest high performance microprocessor chips are utilizing those novel substrates to boost their performance.

Wafer Bonding for SOI

There is a clear necessity to temporarily mount wafers thinner than 100µm as well as very brittle wafer substrates like GaAs and SiC onto rigid and flat carriers in order to utilize established handling concepts on existing fab tools for next generation ultra-thin consumer devices.

Wafer Bonding for Thin Wafer Processing

Wafer level packaging techniques use wafer bonding as an enabling solution for stacking of wafers and for the 3D integration of next generation hybrid devices.

Wafer Bonding for 3D Integration

Most devices require wafer bonding techniques like silicon direct, anodic, glass frit and metal diffusion bonding on a wafer level to create the necessary protection and hermetic sealing of the sensible MEMS structure.

Recently the need to combine this zero level package with an electrical interconnect at the same time to create a true wafer level package have herald the next generation of wafer bonding and bond aligner tools like the EVG500IS series and the EVG SmartView® Aligner.

Wafer Bonding for MEMS

EVG®850 Temporary Debonder

fully automated low force Bond Cluster for SOI and Thin Wafer Processing (up to 300mm)
EVG®800 Series

GEMINI® Automated Production Wafer Bonder

fully automated high force Bond Cluster for MEMS and 3DIC (up to 300mm)
GEMINI® Series
EVG®500 Series
single/dual chamber semi-automated wafer bonding systems

EVG®520IS Dual Chamber

Wafer Bonding System

With over 500 single Bond Chambers and a total of more than 100 fully automated wafer bonding systems in the field of MEMS

(Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems), 3D Integration, SOI (Silicon-on-insulator) and Thin Wafer Processing (Temporary Bonding and Debonding Tools).

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